Welcome to the Merton Instrument Making Association (MIMA)

MIMA exists to provide peer support between those studying guitar and violin making at Merton College, London by sharing resources and organising relevant trips/events/talks. Alongside this we also aim to promote the courses to potential students. 

Our website includes a resources page for recommended reading, a gallery of recent activities in the workshops, a calendar of upcoming events, links to the portfolios of current students and alumni and last, but not least, a journal where students write short articles and blog posts about their research and current projects. 


Musical Instrument Making and Repair
Merton College, London

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E. (or contact MIMA to request a direct email address for a course tutor).

Although MIMA is formed by students studying various musical instrument making courses at Merton College, the association runs independently. We're happy to answer queries in relation to student perspectives of the course, but for queries around timetables, fees and teaching please contact the college directly: