Video resources


TASMANIA (violin)

"Adam Edwards is a violin maker.  He makes Hardanger Fiddles and can also play each one of his creations. Lasca has captured Adam in his element, and discovers how much he enjoys his work."

PALESTINE (violin)

"In March 2015 I spend a day at Shehada Shalaldas workshop in Ramallah Tahta. While once again being embraced by Arab hospitality, tea and magloubeh I was also introduced to the complex task of building a violin - by Palestine's only violin maker."

ROME (violin)

"Peek inside the Rome workshop of world-renowned master artisan Michel Eggimann, a Cremona-trained luthier specializing in Stradivari- and Guarneri-inspired violins and violas."


AUSTRIA (guitar)

"A close look at the work of the Austrian master guitar maker Tobias Braun."

ATHENS (guitar)

"A Greek from Pontus, living in Athens is a luthier of some of the best Spanish guitars."

ENGLAND (guitar)

"Jonny Kinkead, is one of the finest Luthier's in England. As a five year old boy, his father, a traditional tool maker, taught him how to work with wood. Ever since then he has developed a passion in building beautiful custom made guitars."